Tru-Craft Machining Inc.
Clearwater, FL
About us:
Tru-Craft Machining is a small family owned shop and we take pride in providing personal and reliable service to all of our customers. We work in many industries that include medical, auto, commercial, aero-space and electronics. We have over 35 years in the manufacturing trade.

Why use us
? The high cost of manufacturing equipment, finding skilled workers, rising insurance costs, and ever changing production schedules. Our customers have looked to us as a reliable other source.
We offer very diversified experience, high quality and very competetive Pricing.

What’s next? As a small company we can quickly respond to your needs. Contact me personally Lyle Trudell to discuss your project. Then Email a sketch, CAD file or a picture of your parts. We will respond promptly with a quote. If we are unable to meet your delivery requirements, we will not take the job. We have never missed a delivery schedule!

Contact Info:
Shop: 727-215-2849

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